Why You Should Find Your Path and Stay True to It

If you are below 30 read this!

Berthran Benaiah
2 min readAug 25, 2022
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I have been doing a lot of self-reflection lately.

What I have realized, sadly, is that a lot of us — young people — have lost the plot of our lives.

What I mean is that a lot of us are walking or striving to walk on paths God never ordained for us to follow.


Pressure — the reason is pretty evident to me.

We know that we have tremendous potential. Our talents and abilities are unquestionable. Yet, we trade our path for what is common and popular. We succumb to the seductions of mainstream culture and focus on chasing shadows — fickle lies that are here today and gone tomorrow.

Whatever happened to authenticity? Whatever happened to genuine calls?

Everyone seems to be devoted only to the path that offers the shortest route to wealth and riches. As if the ultimate goal of existence is buns and biscuits.

And don’t get me started on the social pressure mounted on those who refuse to give in to such mediocrity by those who have lost the plot of their destinies.

Before you throw stones at me, I am not trying to act all self-righteous and holy. Even I have, at one point or the other, gone after such low-rated shadows. I am still figuring out my path every day.

But, I can’t stand the illusion that mainstream media continues to feed my generation.

You are not everybody; everybody is not you.

You have a script that has been carefully crafted by God. In that script is a perfect picture of the roadmap for your destiny. You have a path; find it. When you find it continue following that path.

You are not everybody; everybody is not you. You will never find extraordinary minds on the broad way. You’ll find them walking the road less traveled. They never stop asking why.

The mob only wants to know how. But the real difference makers are those bold enough to ask why.

Don’t get numbered in the crowd when you were made to stand out. Don’t trade your genius for cheap stability and matching tattoos with the mob.

Not everyone will stand out, that I know. But if you have read up until this point, chances are you are the one this article is addressing.

You were made to stand out. You were made to make a difference. You were made to blaze a trail. Don’t rest until you find it. Don’t give up until you set the pace.

Find your path, stay true to it, and progress along that path.



Berthran Benaiah

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